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The Washington Monument is a symbol of U.S. power & tribute to a Founding Leader & lifelong Slave Owner.
Can the Inspiration for the Anti-slavery monument come not only from the pain, suffering, and deaths of millions against slavery but from one woman's feet? And from Our ultimate symbol of National pride, and promise too?” #REnewthemonuments

The Statue of Liberty, national symbol  wears shackles, leg irons?

Most Americans do not know that the welcoming symbol torch of liberty and freedom held high is shackled, one enslaved, and now the chains have been broken but the shackles remain. Certainly, this was an artistic expression and gift to the nation from our role model of revolution and government France, but it is also somehow clearly ironic in this day and age, that it is a woman in leg irons. Our entire history of public monuments embraces this irony & contradictory nature which we have yet to fully address. A torch of liberty, freedom, and equality for all.

If Irony and duality dominate the public monuments representing us, why not simplicity and directness in our new age of "transparency". An age in public government and what it must do and stand for, for all it's people. The project was begun and online in Decemeber 2016, and fully launched January, 1, 2017.
How can we accept staying mired in ambiguity and veiled hints at what we know we are all capable of, yet putting up with the pain, suffering and violent nature of endless hatred, bias, and bigotry. What price or better yet, how does this profit our nation? Who profits from slavery, inequality, injustice, while sacrificing each individual 's potential, initiative, inventiveness, and capabilities worthy of a great nation. Our national effort towards humanitarian global leadership lies within us, for what is a nation without striving towards great ideals, aimless, empty and ultimately self-destructive?  Make the stand real, become an Equalizer of dignity, Act Now!




The anti-slavery, anti-Human Trafficking monument App:

Located inside the Base of the monument are wifi transponders, whileon the outside enxt to the lettering are small plaques with a QR code directing to the app download. The Plaques woudl read "Anti APP Learn More & Vote". The App gives photos and histories of all famous anti-slavery individuals to present from the U.S. to present day world leaders in anti-slavery and anti-human trafficking. It is updated regularly as users can then vote for their favorite person, “one vote per person” a reminder of voters rights and true democratic reality and purpose, which is denied by many..
It also supplies information to Antislavery, anti-trafficking organizations in the U.S. at present thus amplifying their presence and purpose and the purpose of the whole project. It Also offers free poster designs user can print in 3 sizes as downloads plus the opportunity to buy commemorative and general merchandise with the monies going to anti-slavery, anti-human trafficking groups worldwide.
Finally, the APP allows users to add the #AntiMONUMENT to all photos and post to all social media.

Artist's Print Series Concept


Street & Graffiti Art Murals Nationwide

Murals projects all across the United States are being organized for big cities to towns, the size does not matter as the message must be seen and heard. Art exhibitions as well are underway of the project, with conceptual documentation of the entire social history behind America's monuments to slavery, and vast info into why as a society the U.S.has been unable and unwilling to address any monuments or effective measures against it. A global world superpower its stand against human slavery effects, workforces worldwide which manufacture goods for U.S. consumption.

starblue2  The Proposed Anti-Slavery Monument (early concept drawings) would stand seventy feet tall on a 9-foot tall circular granite base. It would be made from Corten steel alloy, which has a natural rusting property to a deep brown and stops. The circular base would have inset into it's side stainless steel lettering, each letter twelve inches tall, and in two lines which are offset from each other, center to center point and read




This doubling of the wording for the monument creates a "think twice effect" or a more deeply reflected upon meaning f the words themselves in the viewer and gently leads them around the monument to view it from many angles. Presently project engineering & pricing is underway.



Artist and sculptor Paul-Felix Montez USA: “Everywhere I looked were endless war monuments, but how many for peace? How many stand for basic human rights? That was my start of this effort. What could they be” He brings over 35 years of creating large-scale sculptures, sets, special effects design in feature films, theme parks, and design. Recently he was flown to New York City to present his Peace Walkway art instalation monument project, an award-winning art project at the United Nations for World Peace Day September 2016. Topic: "How will arts and arts-related projects build peace in the 21st century, beyond borders". His fine art site: SculptureNew  -  Gary Jackson of Monumental Sculptures USA is a fabricator of large-scale sculptures in bronze and steel for public art installations worldwide. He handles all casting and manufacturing of the walkway plaques as well as this project. Site: MonumentalSculptures I want to thank so many other volunteers, who believe in this project deeply, for bringing it life. Recent world featured speaker TECHNARTE conference, art & Technology 2017



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