The Anti-Slavery, Anti-Human Trafficking monument is a powerful iconic symbol capable of reaching and delivering its message through social media, its unique publicity generating social impact profile for the 21st century, and is strong simple graphic icon nature into the world of the "street and graffiti artists" to become a global icon brand worldwide. Thus anywhere it is located will find that the monument can be easily merchandised with a simple product line and thus pay for itself in all fabrication, installation and publcity costs. A monument with global purpose, eternal style and lasting immediate impact. Few Monuments have this opportunity to reach the world and become a vital global social brand.

Artist's Print Series Concept

Artist's Print series 24 by 36 inches, ($350.00 U.S. Dollars plus shipping and handling) and 18 by 24 inches, ($250.00 U.S. Dollars plus shipping and handling) both are limited edition prints of 250 each, signed and with special artist's "fingerprint seal disabling any reproduction of original print collected by you. available please contact me to order now!